4mm Diameter Microphone

  • The diminutive TOM-1545L-LW100-R features a 4mm overall diameter and is only 1.5mm thick.

6mm Diameter Microphones

9mm Diameter Microphones

  • Sensitivity and a wide, flat frequency response are the hallmarks of the AOM-6738L-R.
  • Bidirectional front and rear audio inputs on the noise canceling ANM-5254L-LW100-R allow for ambient noise to be naturally filtered out from the desired sound without the need for complicated electronics.
  • The unidirectional AUM-5047L-3-LW100-R has a cardioid polar pattern for capturing sound in only one specific direction.


Conference Phones

Noise Canceling Systems

Automotive Voice Commands

Consumer Electronics

Interactive Kiosks

Measurement Microphones

Air Pressure Differential Sensor

Lavalier/Lapel Microphones

Professional Boom Microphone

Smartphone Docking Stations

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