Join the audio revolution with PUI Audio’s new exhilarating
Audio Sound eXciters!

Transform nearly anything into an audio generating device without the challenges of speakers: complex chambers, the worry of environmental damage, or the need to change the look of your product with speaker holes just to have it make sound.

They are driven just like a speaker, so your product that uses speakers is already compatible without any redesign… perfect for making your device completely water and dust proof!

When the eXciter vibrates the surface, the audio is generated in planar-wave fashion. This means that listeners can be up to 90° off-axis of the surface and experience the same sound quality as a listener directly in front of the surface.

 eXciter Planar Wave          Typical Speaker Wave

With most speakers, frequencies above 5 kHz become attenuated, starting at angles as little as 15° off-axis, which reduces the audience that experiences high-fidelity sound.

PUI Audio eXciters feature genuine 3M™ VHB™ F-9473PC double-sided adhesive for peel-and-stick placement. For applications subject to shock, further mechanical reinforcement may be required.

For more information, please view the 3M™ VHB™ Datasheet.

The ASX02104-R and ASX02108-R measure only 21mm in diameter and 8.5mm in height. Great for replacing speakers up to 30mm in diameter.

PUI Audio’s ASX02604-R and ASX02608-R have amazing output for their size—26.3mm diameter by 9.5mm height—and can replace up to 40mm diameter speakers.

Choose the ASX03304-R or ASX03308-R for high output that can replace speakers up to 50mm in diameter. A 34mm diameter footprint and 12.5mm height allows for wide placement options.

For applications where high output is needed but height is constricted, choose the 6.5mm tall slim mount ASX03304-SM-R or ASX03308-SM-R.

Robustly built, the ASX03604-R and ASX03608-R are designed for high output and wide-range frequency response.

Cupped spiders and wide roll surrounds are built into the ASX04004-R and ASX04008-R for low frequency extension.

The housing of the 70mm ASX07008-WP-R is built to an IP67 ingress rating with 175mm insulated lead wires. Its waterproof, dust-free housing allows it to be used almost anywhere— even on the inside of hot tubs!

For more information on PUI Audio eXciters, be sure to download and view our PUI Audio eXciter white paper

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