PUI Audio, Inc.'s new line of slim-line micro speakers are purpose-built for space-limited, modern electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as wearable technology and IoT devices such as WiFi-enabled thermostats.

15 x 11 mm Slim-Line Micro Speakers

The AS01508AO-SC-R is a 15 x 11 speaker with pre-installed double-sided adhesive for quick, easy installation and spring-loaded contacts for a solderless electrical connection and features a 4.42 mm thickness.


25 mm speaker leads replace the spring contacts on the AS01508AO-SC-R to minimize thickness to 3.9 mm on the AS01508AO-LW25-R.


For more output and lower distortion, a multi-magnet motor drives the AS01508AO-3-R, while solder pads drive the thickness down to 3.5 mm. A spring-contact version is available in the AS01508AO-3-SC-R.

These are also available with an IP65-rated face: the AS01508AO-WP-R and the AS01508AO-SC-WP-R.

Each 15 x 11 mm speaker features a class-leading resonant frequency below 600 Hz for realistic sound.

18 x 13 mm Slim-Line Micro Speakers


PUI Audio's 18 x 13 mm speakers build on the performance of the 15 x 11 mm speakers, while reducing the overall thickness to below 3 mm on the AS01808AO-3-R with solder pads and 3.1 mm on the AS01808AO-3-SC-R with spring contacts.

Both feature an amazingly low resonant frequency below 500 Hz and are available with IP65-rated faces
in the
AS01808AO-WP-R and AS01808AO-SC-WP-R.

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