• Audiophile-grade audio amplifier with up to 15 watts per channel of output
  • Single-ended and differential inputs; stereo or mono output
  • Built-in over-current and over-temperature protection


  • Small form factor—76.2mm x 50.8mm x 20mm (L x W x H)
  • Wide +9.5V to +20V DC input range (power supply not included)
  • Three different input connections—stereo 3.5mm jack, terminal blocks, six-circuit Molex® SL™ 70543 connector


  • Height: 17.50 mm
  • Width: 76.20 mm
  • Length: 50.80 mm

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range5 ~ 20000 Hz
Impedance7.2 kOhms
Maximum Input20 VDC
Rated Input9.5 ~ 20 VDC
Resonant Frequency100 kHz
Sound Pressure Level @ 10 cm (Typ.)2 x 15W