Published 07/29/2021

PUI Expands Catalogue with New Product Launches
The team at PUI Audio has been hard at work during 2021 developing new products, making it
easier than ever for customers to be heard.
From a new family of evaluation boards to IP rated waterproof MEMS microphones, the
The product development team has been able to launch several exciting new products so far in
“Innovation is key to providing our customers the solutions they need,” said PUI CEO Paul
Spain, “Our product catalogue is continually evolving because our products are enhanced with
engineering expertise, meaning we hear what our customers need and get to work creating
products that solve their problems proactively.”
The new lineup includes several products designed to enhance the durability and performance
of end products, meaning PUI customers can be heard better and louder than ever before.
A new line of evaluation boards has been added to the catalogue, including five models for
various applications. These boards feature some of our smallest electromechanical
transducers and afford customers the ability to quickly and easily test the products without
the need to spin PCB’s just for evaluation.
· Evaluation Board: SMT-0540-T-8-EB-R
· Evaluation Board: SMT-0540-S-2-EB-R
· Evaluation Board: SMT-0440-T-2-EB-R
· Evaluation Board SMT-0440-S-EB-R
· Evaluation Board SMT-0340-T-EB-R
The team has also introduced several new parts that include features to enhance durability
and protect components from weather and environmental threats. New MEMS microphones
that include waterproof mesh pre-applied making them IP57 rated, as well as a new
powerful enclosed speaker capable of producing extremely loud output while offering plug-and-play operation with smart amplifiers, and additional parts with high-temperature ratings
designed for use in extreme temperature environments.
· Waterproof MEMS Microphones: AMM-2742-T-WP-R
· Waterproof MEMS Microphones: AMM-3742-T-WP-R
· Waterproof MEMS Microphones: DMM-4326-T-WP-R
· Enclosed Speaker: ASE02008MS-LW100-R
· High-temperature parts
Full spec sheets and product information for all the new products, as well as existing
products in the lineup, are available on the PUI Audio website at
PUI Audio, Inc. is a Dayton-based audio component manufacturer. Founded in 1972, the
company has built a strong reputation for its creative solutions and engineering
expertise, helping clients in medical, industrial, security and consumer markets to, “Be
heard!” no matter what the need.