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PUI Audio offers a customer-centric approach to innovating solutions that are tailor-made for a wide range of audio applications.  Strategic partnerships we have developed with Medical, Industrial, Security, and Consumer Electronics manufacturers have placed our audio components into products you use every day.  Through our extensive breadth of product, applications and design engineering support, unparalleled quality and reliability and world-class customer care, we are able to help customers in many markets navigate even the most challenging of acoustics complexities…

Housing/chamber Design Mechanical size constraints
Product output optimization Mounting and termination
Power considerations Agency requirements
Ingress protection & water proofing Documentation control
3D modeling & prototyping Expansive testing requirements

The world is becoming more dynamic every day.  Globally, our team strives to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s world through collaboration, a strong sense of urgency and accountability, and a passion for audio.


When designing audio into medical equipment, there are many factors to consider, such as IEC 60601-1-8 requirements. PUI Audio has decades of experience supplying the best audio components into the Medical Industry.

Additionally, PUI Audio frequently audits manufacturing locations and performs additional ANSI standard Z 1.4 sample inspections on each lot of products to ensure parts perform to your expectations.

PUI Audio builds audio devices for a wide range of medical devices such as ventilators and respirators (used to fight the effects of COVID-19), pumps, patient monitoring, glucometers, defibrillators, surgical and imaging equipment, and many other devices.

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Smoke detectors, loss prevention devices, radios for first responders, home and commercial security systems, keypads or intercoms; while these security devices may seem vastly different, each has one thing in common—PUI Audio speakers, buzzers, and microphones.

When it comes to security, you have enough to worry about; leave the audio solutions to us! PUI Audio produces reliable components and we will help you find what works best for your device, even if that means a custom solution.

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If you need an audio solution for industrial use, PUI Audio can help. We develop purpose-built products for loud, harsh, and dirty environments. From loud indicators to full-range water resistant speakers, the durability of our products overcomes the challenges industrial engineers face every day.

Our products are used in manufacturing equipment, elevators, fuel dispensers, gas detectors, construction equipment, test and measurement devices, food service equipment, home and building automation and many others. Choose one of PUI Audio’s waterproof and ruggedized audio devices to differentiate your product and elevate your brand.

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Audio is a differentiator that can make or break user experience. This is especially true in the crowded marketplace of IoT devices. Leverage PUI Audio’s decades of experience in audio engineering to make your product stand out!

We have the best micro-speakers, MEMS microphones, and surface mount audio components and are experts on implementation. We also have engineers that assist in 3D model optimization and 3D printers to rapid prototype custom designs for proof of concept trials.

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Consumer Solutions

PUI Audio has more than 40-years’ experience in supplying audio components into the volatile high-volume consumer product industry. Not only can we keep up with extremely high demand, we understand the need for quality and cost control.

We will work with you to find the best audio component to make your product successful, available, and profitable. Choose PUI Audio as your audio partner.

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